Android development ? Don’t make mountain out of molehill… Follow Polestar !


You are an Android enthusiast, congratulations ! you’re in demand.

Either it be your Startup or freelancing or morning to eve tough job, the unique advantage of being an Android developer always outshines.

Android is most used OS currently. With 1.4 billion users and 82% of global market share you can’t simply just let it go. You can earn on average US $ 77,000 in USA and   ₹ 8.50 lacs in India per annum. Sounds a good start!

And! And! And! if your idea of dream app  is successful, sky is the only limit.

Technology variation in the complete era of Android can be observed in WWDC, Google I/O, CES. Every now and then a new feature is expected. We are immersed in ocean of opportunities. It’s your time to go and grab it.

Challenges faced today by developers :

  • Software and hardware fragmentation.
  • Security
  • Market research count
  • Patent issues

“With great technology, comes great challenges”

Here are best advantages you can take as an android developer-

♦ Android powers startups

You have the opportunity to make a significant positive impact on the world at a truly global level. Startups demand feasibility and global access. Mobile apps are playing a perfect role in this field.

Startup cycle is simple with android, just

  1. Find out what customers want.
  2. Build with minimum variable product.
  3. Show it to customers.
  4. Repeat.

♦ Android Security –

                    a need indeed

As the leading mobile OS dealer, Android recognizes the importance of protecting their users’ security and privacy. For android, security and privacy are at the core of what they do and what they think about every day.

Top notch companies and projects demand better, broad and diverse Eco-system to protect users  from issues reported on various platforms.


♦ Open Source Platform

Android offers great freedom and flexibility to developers, allowing them to put their own edits and debug in android core programs.

Apart from that several other event such as Google Summer of Code lets you showcase your skills in different fields in Open Source Organization.

♦ Varied Job Roles

According to the IT companies, the demand for skilled android developers still far exceeds than the supply. So whether, you are the fresher who is on the verge of starting his career or an experienced professional who is planning to switch, then Android serves as an excellent choice for both.

Placeholder Image

Here is list of varied job roles where you can find yourselves engaged

  1. Android Engineer
  2. Mobile lead software engineer
  3. Android mobile developer
  4. Mobile architect
  5. Mobile application developer

♦ It’s Yummy !!!

I’m sure you’re an Android lover and must be knowing that each new Android version is code-named after a delicious treat.

  • Cupcake
  • Donut
  • Eclair
  • Froyo
  • Ginger-bread
  • Honeycomb
  • Ice-cream sandwich
  • Jelly Bean
  • Kit-Kat
  • Lollipop
  • Marshmallow
  • Nougat

Your contribution towards Android and other related Open Source Projects is always awaited. Keep contributing, who knows what’s delicious next ?


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      I’ll keep posting helpful blogs on latest trends.


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